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Sacramento Probate Real Estate Lawyer Handling Clients’ Real Estate Needs During Probate

The grieving process for a loved one who dies is even more difficult when handling the responsibility of administering their estate. One of California’s most complicated aspects of estate administration is what to do with the decedent’s real estate holdings. These assets are significant in value and are difficult to divide fairly among beneficiaries. Paying off mortgages and taxes adds to the stress and complexity of the probate process.

If your loved one passed away and left real estate as part of their estate, you should contact a probate real estate lawyer like Attorney Yonano right away. Nicholas Yonano is a licensed real estate broker in California, in addition to practicing probate law. These qualifications give him unique insight and experience when dealing with real estate during probate. Call today to schedule a consultation where we can discuss your unique needs 916-894-8790

What Happens to Real Estate During Probate in California?

Passing on real estate after death is complicated because of the varying types of ownership that could occur in California. For example, if the property was owned individually by the deceased person, it will pass through probate and be assigned to a beneficiary by the court.

However, if the person’s property was owned jointly, as in many situations where the person was married or involved in a business partnership, the property can be passed on without using the court system.

What Are the Responsibilities of a Probate Real Estate Lawyer?

Probate real estate lawyers have unique knowledge because of their experience with both probate and real estate. They offer counsel to their clients on how to handle real estate during probate, including advice based on current real estate trends and laws in California. For example, Attorney Yonano provides services for clients based on decades of work as a probate litigation lawyer and his unique insight gained through his California broker’s license.

Some duties held by a probate real estate lawyer are:

  • Advise clients on how to distribute real estate during the probate process
  • Conduct inventories of real estate holdings owned by the decedent
  • Investigate the creation of the will and trusts to ensure the validity of these documents
  • Guide clients through the estate administration process
  • Help with estate taxes owned based on real estate properties
  • Represent clients in case litigation arises
  • Prevent fraud by overseeing the actions of executors and trustees and holding them to their fiduciary duty
  • Recommending actions during transactions of real estate properties

What Common Issues Could Arise When Dealing with Real Estate During Probate in Sacramento?

Real estate transactions are typically complicated, and matters that come up during Sacramento probate are no exception. Avoiding legal issues by hiring a probate real estate lawyer right away is one of the best choices you can make. However, if you have run into problems during the probate procedure, it’s not too late.

Some common issues that people face when dealing with real estate during probate are:

  • Beneficiaries who disagree over property ownership
  • Disagreements over whether to sell the property and under what terms
  • Dishonesty or infidelity by the executor or trustee
  • Issues with creditors making claims against the real property

Should You Hire Our Sacramento Probate Real Estate Attorney?

If you and your family are facing the probate process in California and your loved one owned real estate, you should consider talking with a trusted legal professional. You can avoid many common issues people face and settle disputes without dragging the matter into court. If you need to take legal action, you’ll have someone on your side who understands the legal aspects of real estate in California and the probate process.

When going through probate for your loved one’s real estate in Sacramento, look no further than Yonano Law Offices, P.C. Our talented legal team has spent decades helping clients navigate complex probate procedures. We also have an excellent reputation for our understanding of California real estate, making us your ideal ally when dealing with real estate during probate. Call today to learn how we can help you 916-894-8790!