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To begin, we all make jokes or colorful comments about lawyers or attorneys. Not one of these fit Nick Yonano. He represents you as if it is his own issue. Even giving you what are viable options and how they will bear on you or the situation. Truly my first if not only choice for legal matters. My situation was handled with the utmost professional care. And, when needed Nick stood his ground to not let opposing parties take advantage of my circumstances.

Joni E.

Our family had a fairly complex probate issue to deal with that involved properties in multiple states. Nick and his team navigated the process for us and made sure to keep us updated along the way. The process was extremely smooth. If you need a great attorney, Nick is the person you should call.


Sometimes in life, you need an attorney. Fortunately, Nick and his team at Yonano Law Offices are here. Nick is extremely knowledgeable about real estate issues and understands not only complex legal problems but the basic issues facing those involved in a lawsuit. He honestly and truly cares about how to resolve your issue while he works with you to ensure that you are informed and understand every step. I have worked with Nick on multiple issues, and each time I am grateful I have him on my side. I highly recommend Nick and his team for your legal needs.


Nick Yonano did an excellent job for me, insuring my collection of bad debt. Nick was efficient, expedient, and thorough. Nick even gave me an unexpected partial refund of my retainer.

Donald G.

Nick Yonano was very articulate, efficient, and timely in helping me with some legal issues regarding my home sale. I would definitely recommend his services.


Best attorney, bottom line/result driven, highly recommended.

Edward E.

Experienced two deaths within 1 year, my husband's mother, and his grandmother. Nick handled our trust, and he was upfront, no big lawyer talk. He held our hand and managed all aspects of representing us (beneficiaries) through this long process. He was honest and direct and got to the point. If you are in need of a probate attorney in the Sacramento area I suggest going to Nick Yonano.

Michael S.