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If you are facing probate in California, you are probably mourning the loss of a departed friend or family member. At this trying time, it can be almost unimaginable to consider handling the distribution of your loved one’s personal belongings, much less dealing with disputes and dishonesty during the estate administration process.

When problems arise during California probate, you should not have to go through this challenging process alone. Please consider reaching out to a trusted legal professional for advice on how to proceed with probate litigation.

At Yonano Law Offices, P.C., our skilled litigation lawyer has helped clients work through difficulties during California probate for decades. Founding attorney Nicholas D. Yonano understands the nuanced procedures of probate and will work tirelessly to defend you and your family’s rights as you seek justice during probate. Call us right away to get started at 916-894-8790

When is Probate Litigation Necessary?

Probate is the process that many California estates must undergo when someone passes away. During probate, the state ensures that all debts are paid, and inheritances are passed out according to the decedent’s wishes. The process is overseen by a court-appointed representative, who has the court’s authority to organize the estate and handle the probate process with the court’s oversight.

However, sometimes disputes arise among beneficiaries that can only be settled with legal action. Other times, an executor or trustee is accused of dishonest behavior. If family members cannot agree or the executor has breached their fiduciary duty, it may be necessary to use litigation to find a solution.

What Common Problems Come Up in California Probate?

Probate is never easy to navigate, and many attorneys do their best to set up estate plans that help their clients avoid this process. However, where the person’s estate outside of a valid trust exceeds a statutory minimum, a probate will likely be necessary.

Some issues that are likely to cause disputes in California probate are:

  • Who will get guardianship of minor children
  • How to distribute assets among beneficiaries
  • Family members feel neglected by the court-appointed representative
  • Executor representative of dishonesty
  • Trustees accused of breaching their fiduciary duty when administering a trust
  • Mistakes when accounting for the estate’s finances

What Does a Probate Litigation Attorney Do?

If you and your family are facing problems during probate, you should consult with a probate litigation attorney right away. Your attorney can answer critical questions and resolve many concerns without taking legal action. However, if they feel there is cause for an investigation, your lawyer will dedicate their time to discovering the details behind the decedent’s wishes and whether the estate was administered correctly.

If litigation is necessary, your lawyer will stand by your side and defend the truth during the proceedings. They will help file the correct petitions promptly so your case isn’t delayed. You can also rely on a probate litigation attorney to find solutions through mediation outside of court whenever possible.

Should You Hire Our Probate Litigation Attorney?

Losing a loved one brings many emotions and challenges, and struggling with the probate process shouldn’t be one of them. At this difficult time, you deserve legal counsel and representation you can trust so you can focus on your family’s needs.

If you feel that the probate process is not being handled correctly, or if the beneficiaries of the estate have a dispute that cannot be resolved, please reach out to our law offices right away. Beneficiaries have limited time in California to dispute probate, so you should act immediately, or you may be left without recourse.

Any time you have questions or concerns about the probate process, you can call Yonano Law Offices, P.C. We are here to help whether you are a beneficiary, an executor, or a trustee who wants to ensure the probate process is handled correctly to avoid negative legal repercussions.

Don’t go through this troubling experience alone. Call us today for reliable legal professionals who know the California probate process and can give you the representation you deserve. Call 916-894-8790 to schedule a consultation today!