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Sacramento Elder Financial Abuse Lawyer Protecting the Innocent

Unfortunately, older people in California are often the victims of dishonest individuals and companies who exploit them. The perpetrator could be a family member, a friend, a caregiver, a fiduciary, or a scammer. When fraud is happening, it may not be easy to recognize. However, watching out for the warning signs can protect you and your loved ones from abuse.

If you suspect someone you love is being taken advantage of, you may be able to take legal action. Your first response should be to contact an elder financial abuse attorney like Nicholas Yonano at Yonano Law Offices, P.C. Your lawyer will investigate the situation to determine whether abuse is going on, and they will stand by your side throughout the legal proceedings.

Attorney Yonano is dedicated to fighting injustice in the lives of the elderly. Contact us today for excellent legal counsel and representation at 916-894-8790.

What Are Some Warning Signs of Elder Financial Abuse?

Unlike physical abuse, elder financial abuse doesn’t leave obvious signs that family members would immediately notice. Friends and loved ones should keep a careful watch on innocent elderly people who may demonstrate warning signs of financial abuse.

Some of the signs that could indicate financial elder abuse are:

  • Checks being made out to “cash”
  • Signatures on important documents that do not match the person’s usual signature
  • Missing cash or checks
  • Unusual financial activity
  • Large, valuable gifts are being given suddenly, especially to people with whom the elderly person is not very familiar
  • Sudden investments in timeshares or other similar activities
  • Donations to organizations the person is not formally affiliated with
  • Supposed “long-lost relatives” or other caretakers who interfere with the person’s finances

How Are the Elderly Victimized in California?

Elder financial abuse occurs in many different forms in California. These cases sometimes involve close friends or family members who take advantage of their relationship with the elderly person. Other times, the circumstances involve a scam where an unknown third party steals funds by pretending to offer a prize or investment payout.

Some of the common ways elderly people are victimized in California include:

  •  Health insurance fraud, such as scammers posing as Medicare representatives and stealing bank information
  • False prize winnings, where a fake grand prize is offered, and the scammer reportedly needs financial data to transfer the money
  •  Caregivers posing as friendly helpers when they are really stealing valuables and cash
  •  Phone scams, such as those where a loved one supposedly needs urgent cash
  • Friends or family members who convince the older person to change their will or trust in that person’s favor

How Do I Report Elder Abuse in Sacramento?

If your loved one is in danger of elder financial abuse in Sacramento, you may need to report the abuse to Adult Protective Services (APS) or the California Department of Social Services. An excellent place to start is by reaching out to a trusted legal professional who can help you identify the abuse and direct you to the proper government agency.

Your elder financial abuse attorney is also a great resource for taking action against the guilty party and even recovering some of the lost funds or goods. They can also identify whether undue influence was used in convincing someone to create wills and trusts that are not in that person’s best interests. For help seeking justice for your family, please get in touch with our law firm right away.

Should You Hire Our Elder Financial Abuse Attorney?

Abusing an elderly person is a crime in California, and our law firm takes these cases very seriously. We understand how devastating it is to individuals and their families when dishonest people and companies steal their hard-earned wealth. We will take every possible action to recover the lost funds and find the truth behind those who exercise undue influence over an elderly person.

At Yonano Law Offices, P.C., we fight aggressively for justice on behalf of your victimized loved one. You and your family don’t need to go through this troubling experience alone. Reach out to us right away to learn how our experienced, dedicated legal team can help protect your elderly loved ones. Call now at 916-894-8790