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Financial Elder Abuse

Sacramento Elder Abuse Attorney

Do you need an attorney to look out for your needs or the needs of an elderly loved one? Worried about abuse of an elderly person or senior citizen? At Yonano Law Offices, P.C., we represent individuals and their family members who have fallen victim to various sorts of elder abuse and exploitation.

With over 25 years of experience handling matters pertaining to elder abuse, probate, and general litigation, we are well-qualified to help you with your situation.

Financial Abuse Against the Elderly

Americans may not realize that people over the age of 50 control over 70% of the nation's wealth. Due to many reasons, including Alzheimer's, dementia, and disabilities that make the elderly dependent upon their caregivers, they are not only vulnerable, but a perfect target for financial abuse.

Financial elder abuse is taking advantage of an elderly person by forcing them, through undue influence or under duress, to part with their money or other assets.

Some examples of financial abuse:

  • Stealing money or property
  • Forging their signature
  • Convincing an older person to sign a deed, will, or power of attorney through deception or undue influence
  • Confidence crimes "cons" which use deception to gain the elderly person's confidence
  • Fraudulent scams

The perpetrators range from close family members, including sons or daughters, to friends, caregivers and predatory individuals who seek out vulnerable seniors with the intention of exploiting them.

Taking Action Against Perpetrators

Contact Yonano Law Offices, P.C. for an experienced Sacramento elder abuse attorney who understands the many issues facing elderly persons and senior citizens. Our litigation and probate services include financial elder abuse litigation, and will and trust contests due to financial elder abuse.

California has a strong set of laws that protect the elderly and senior citizens from all types of financial abuse by those close to them. The elder abuse law, found in the California Welfare & Institutions Code, holds any person liable who "takes, secretes, appropriates, obtains, or retains real or personal property of an elder or dependent adult for a wrongful use or with intent to defraud, or both" or "by undue influence."

In addition, the same law applies to anyone who "assists in taking, secreting, appropriating, obtaining, or retaining real or personal property of an elder or dependent adult for a wrongful use or with intent to defraud, or both" or "by undue influence." Yonano Law has experienced attorneys representing family members in proceedings to determine if financial elder abuse has taken place.

If you think financial elder abuse may have occurred to a family member, give us a call! 

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