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Probate Lawyer in Sacramento

Yonano Law Offices, P.C. – 15+ Years of Legal Experience

Have you been named as an executor or administrator of a decedent’s estate? How you actually manage the probate process will make a heavily influence on how it unfolds and how easy – or difficult – the entire procedure will be for you and your loved ones. You will want to work with a Sacramento probate attorney that you know you can trust with any case, even the most complicated or those involving a high value estate.

Attorney Nick Yonano of Yonano Law Offices, P.C. in Sacramento has been managing probate cases for nearly 20 years. He has seen all sorts of probate issues and found ways for clients to overcome them, each and every time. Nick is also a litigation attorney capable of taking probate cases to court when necessary, allowing you to get all the presentation you could possibly need out of just one law firm.

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Duties of a Probate Administrator

Probate is the legal process of assuring that a decedent’s will is valid, and then following its instructions as close to the letter as possible. In order to make the procedure run smoothly, an administrator or executor will oversee it and present important documents to the court for review. If you have been assigned as an administrator due to the language in a decedent’s will, our Sacramento probate attorney can be retained to act as your guide, or to take over and manage all the parts of probate on your behalf.

We begin by explaining your administrative duties, including:

  • Cataloguing decedent’s assets and property.
  • Notifying heirs and creditors of decedent’s passing.
  • Using assets to repay secured debts and outstanding taxes.
  • Distributing remaining assets to inheritors and beneficiaries.
  • Providing all requested documentation to the probate court.
  • Following any other instructions put forth by the court.

Estates That Require Probate

California law requires that any estate valued under $150,000 can avoid probate. This established low-threshold does not apply to estates that own pieces of real estate. When probate cannot be avoided due to the estate’s total value, there may be other alternatives to minimize or simplify the probate process.

Discuss your options with our Sacramento probate attorney to get a better idea of what you can decide, do, and expect. In many cases, probate takes about 12 months to complete, but could be shorter or longer in duration. Regardless of the complexity or length of your probate case, we are ready to be there for you until the case is entirely resolved.

Contact our Sacramento probate law firm – serving all around Northern California – or read our client testimonials to learn more about our services.

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